The Dangers of Teamviewer

Rich writes: (and btw you guys I LOVE it when you write and ask me stuff it lets me know what’s on your minds)

“I wanted to write and i’m not sure you want to touch on this subject or not but i can see where many submissives now have fallen victim to what might be about the most extreme form of online domination, and that is using this teamviewer which personally i know enough about it to never have fallen for this, but i can see where some have and as far as i can tell i don’t think there’s a way out for them. I don’t know if you’re that familiar with it but i’m sure you’ve heard of it. I had one guy respond to a post on the subject of Teamviewer, first mistake he didn’t educate himself first about what it was so when he downloaded it he unknowingly did what his Mistress asked and gave her his username and password, that’s it he was sunk, she went in and deleted all his videos, pictures, went through his emails and locked him out of his pc.”

Okay right off the bat I had to laugh at this. Not in a disrespectful way , like I said I love your questions. What makes me laugh is this ‘victim mentality’ like you guys are nothing but a bunch of morons who don’t have brains and can’t think for yourselves.

In this instance as in many I’ve seen before with Teamviewer, you guys are just stupid.  You pretend to have no brains and then claim victim when someone acts on your vulnerability.  That’s like saying, ‘I didn’t know murder was against the law, so therefore you can’t hold me accountable.’  Bullshit!  If you are stupid enough to open your computer up through Teamviewer or any of the many other remote assistance sites out there including Messenger by the way, where you can do the same thing, you’re on your own and deserve what you get.  You can’t claim ignorance unless you have a mental disability.

All this Domina did was blackmail the guy out of his own computer. You want to get back in, you want your shit back, pay up! You play with fire you get burned boys!  I can’t say that enough.  This tells me the guy was probably in to Financial Domination and as far as I’m concerned she just did her job.Was she ruthless, yup, but if you borrow money from the mob with no intent to pay back you’ll probably get your legs broke or worse. It’s all the same thing guys, USE YOUR HEADS!!

Now from a legal standpoint and this is for all you Dommes and BabyDommes out there, Teamviewer is illegal for the purpose you’re using it for.  If this guy wanted to suffer the humiliation of going to the cops, she’d be done for.  You’re looking at charges of grand theft, bank fraud, computer hi-jacking, and the list goes on, all of which are FELONIES and come with hefty prison sentences.  So girls if you think there’s no trail to your computer ah, YES of course there is!  My suggestion is this is a very dangerous game to play on both sides.  The other point here is, in the case Rich was speaking of, this Domme is stupid because she just shot herself in the foot. When you’re blackmailing a sub, you need to think long term not short term and too many of you do this.  Unless you make a haul of over $10k in one sitting what’s the point? You open yourself up to serious litigation for what, a couple hundred bucks? Use the brains you were born with girls, too many of you are going for the quick piddly-assed cash and not thinking of long term cash.

Now I get the psychological turn-on of watching a Domme take control of your computer and empty your credit card or bank account or chat account or whatever for someone in to the Financial Domination that’s HUGE.  But just because it turns you on doesn’t make it a smart move to engage in.  Especially with someone you don’t know.  I’m not saying that it can’t be done with a Domina you’ve known for several years who plays with a level head and isn’t a moron herself, ie someone you can trust.  But I still think it’s foolish.

So as with everything boys and girls always go with that age old saying, ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.’

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  1. scott says

    i have yet to hear anyone make more sense of this then dr. sue. that said part is her thinking is the exact way this fetish is supposed to be conducted. she herself is better then 95% of the phonies claiming to be findoms. if i had my choice i would pic dr. sue or no one, she obviously missed her calling in this type of fetish. very smart lady to say the least

    • Dr Sue says

      Whoa when did I say I stopped? I don’t do it a lot because I get too frustrated with flakey subs. Here’s what I tell everyone… I’ll always be a Domme first and a Doc second. So come to the darkside Scott, we have baked goods….

  2. slave4teamviewer says

    Teamviewer is just a tool; the level it can be used for of course will vary between any two participants, but like any form of play…you should know what you are getting into and who you are dealing with. Dr Sue is right when she says you need to educate yourselves; anyone going into a situation like this is the cybeer equivalent of not having a “safety call” when meeting someone to play in real time. One should always take precautions.

    I am not sure of the legality of any of this; as nowadays most things involving cyber control do walk a very fine line between legal and illegal. But again, I agree with Dr Sue’s comment about long-term vs. short term cash. A good sustained financial domination relationship will be much more beneficial to both parties that the quick rush both parties get from a financial raping.

    And if done properly and developed over time…a good controlling online relationship can be so much more, with teamviewer just being a small part of what can really be done.

    For example:

    As technology has increased over the past few years…I have often wondered if it could be used to control a slave remotely. I started looking for ways that one could really be a slave online or at a distance and not just role-play at it. And I must say…I think it can be done.

    Using remote access programs such as Teamviewer can allow the Owner to take over the admin account on the slaves computer. Once this is done there are a lot more things that can be installed or done to further take control of the slave. The owner can then install programs such as parental controls like Bluedog to limit what the slave can do on their computer as well as when. Installing programs such as PC Pandora to watch and track everything the slave can do on the computer…including it being able to take webcam images can do a lot to get into the details of the slaves life.

    Speaking of webcams…there are now some on the market that are controllable via the internet and can also be used as surveillance/security cameras. Set up correctly the slave would never have any privacy and the Owner could visually verify that the slave is following orders given.

    And if the slave has a smartphone…there are program that allow an Owner to monitor and control the slave’s phone. With the tracking software on these programs (such as MobileSpy and Phone Sherrif) there is no escape for the slave. The Owner can ensure that the slave is where he is supposed to be at all times with GPS tracking ; and can disable any app they do not want the slave to use. You can also monitor and track the slave’s spending with other phone apps such as and others.

    There are things like Verizon Home Control and other systems that would allow the Owner to control the slave’s appliances, lights, locks, and thermostat; so the Owner can even control the slave’s comfort and activites.

    There are also a couple of great devices from a company called Dreamlover Labs…one is a “training” device called the DL2000 that attaches to a chastity device that can be used to take control over the slave’s genitals; and a second device is the Chrono-Vault that would enable the Owner to deny the slave access to any keys for as long as the Owner decides.

    Additional programs such as Fond of Writing and Grounded can be used to keep the slave occupied for as long as the Owner wants. Fond of Writing makes the slave have to complete typing tasks; and Grounded just gives the slave a grey screen and the occasional pop-up that the slave must click on. Failures or mistakes can result in punishment from the DL2000, longer time with the keys locked up in the Chrono-vault; or even denial of computer rights for a certain time frame.

    As things progress; there is also the possibility of restricting the slave’s access to it’s own cash (perhaps only the Owner now has access to it?) and the slave is only allowed an allowance and needs permission to spend any money. If this is the case, the Owner could also use the slave’s funds to pay for it’s groceries and clothing….thus controlling what the slave has to eat and wear…again the webcams ensuring that the slave has to obey.

    The Owner would then be able to control all of the slave’s free time (not work) and everything that it does and can do.

    If done correctly this would make the slave truly owned even at a distance. Granted there is always much more that could be done, and it would take somebody with decent computer skills to set it all up; but it creates an opportunity for those who otherwise might not get to experience either side of this lifestyle.

    Just remember the old addage: “Buyer Beware”.

  3. TallLightHandsome says

    There’s no question that it’s risky. But it’s that risk that draws men in. They feel compelled to go there, like a moth to a flame. I know because I’ve felt that allure with chastity play. You know you’re taking a huge risk sending that chastity key to that cute gal across the country… but for some reason you just can’t stop yourself. You shake with anticipation, nerves, excitement and desire as you drop that key in the envelope and post it. If there weren’t a risk I don’t think so many people would do it.

    As for the domme side, isn’t there something a domme can do to protect herself from litigation? Can’t she get the sub to sign a contract or something?

  4. Pat says

    I think any kind of online domination is dangerous. Cyber crimes can really screw up your life especially in the days of digital identity theft. Why not just open up your front door for an “open house” with the petty thiefs in the neighborhood?

    I don’t know much about teamviewer; never used it, never will. I thought it was like a conference video call program that subs used to perform for dominants. I was dumb enough to do that years ago with yahoo chat until it dawned on me there are programs that can record from the screen. The horror of that thought killed that diversion real quick. In the always connected world of social media networks, you never know who knows who, or where your film debut may turn up.

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