Female Supremacy


Female Supremacy

I’ve been asked a few times to write an article explaining my thoughts on female supremacy as well as just what the hell the concept is.

Female supremacy causes some very serious reactions from people so first off don’t kick the messenger. However that said I would consider myself a female supremacist. 😉

Female supremacy is simply the belief that women as a gender are far superior to men.  Simple concept but you’ll find many people take great offense to that statement because of the way our society is structured.

I don’t want this to turn in to a pissing match so I will qualify everything I’m saying from this point on by saying that this is all MY OPINION.  The fantastic part of life is that we all have differing opinions and differing tastes. If we all liked the same thing life would be boring and very slow. Nothing new would be developed, nothing would change so I have no problem with anyone who has a different view, all I ask is to open your mind just a wee tiny bit.

There are numerous studies which begin to expose the theory that women are genetically superior to males and if you want to read about that further I suggest you read Adam’s Curse: A Future without Men for starters. I’m not going to get in to all of the medical aspects of this theory because it’s insanely technical and boring and I will assume that you will look in to it further if you want to delve deeper in to male genetic fallibility.

What I will go in to are the signs all around you of the fact that men are inferior to women.

Almost all religions are male controlled. Most if not all wars have been religious based. More people have killed each other in the name of religion/war than anything else. In 2002 alone 172 thousand people died from wars. Gotta love that testosterone fueled ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

Catholic priests are held to sexual standards that cannot be maintained, imposed by another male.  I shouldn’t have to remind you how well that’s been working.

Men have been in control of most of corporate America including the banking system. Again, look around you, greed and aggression rule supreme with men.

The entire porn/stripper/escort/hooker industry is fueled by the male’s inability to control their sexual desires. So what have women done? Learned to feed that need and make money off of men’s weaknesses.

I’m not even going to go down the government road, again, that should be blatantly obvious.

I could go on but this should end somewhere and I’ll let you guys bark it out in the comments. Suffice it to say if it were up to me I would teach male children from a very young age that women are to be respected, obeyed, cherished, and put first in every aspect their lives.  All men should be placed in chastity to control their sexual urges. All men should consider their lives to be only in service of women.

However, that said, I will also say that women need to put women first more as well. Remember a true female supremacist respects her fellow female. She doesn’t lower her, she doesn’t disparage her choices she uplifts. To put down another female for any reason just puts you in the realm of men. (But that’s another article)

UPDATE 1-20-2013

Pat wrote this email to me and I think it makes better sense than what I was saying. I do believe women are superior to males but do I think males should be eradicated or that they are worthless? NO not at all. I don’t believe in any system that will hold anyone back from anything. Quite the contrary. My point is that this world does not work under male rule as has been proven in history. I still think chastity and discipline in young males is important as well. So I guess to answer your question Pat, I would have to say I view it the same as you. Yes there is a difference between the two.

I’ve been thinking a lot about female superiority and female supremacy. This may surprise you but I actually do believe in female superiority, when defined in a certain way (I’ll get to that later). It’s female supremacy that I have a problem with, meaning a political construct which gives favor to females just because they’re female. Regarding female superiority, sure, there are many indicators we could point to that show women are better at certain things. In that respect,women would be superior in that area. For instance, I do believe that women possess more of the natural skills and personality traits to be successful in the modern economy than men do, and therefore, we will live in a female dominated world one day. Female supremacy would be a system which arbitrarily forbids men from advancing or holding positions of power. Big difference. Superiority vs supremacy is the subtext behind most of my comments regarding female supremacy that I don’t think I’ve articulated very well. Do you distinguish between the two?



  1. Amir slave says

    Women are beautiful angels and the representatives of God in the earth like as holy prophets. So they must be worshiped and obeyed like as god by submissive male slaves. Men are evils and the representatives of devils so they must be tied up by cuff and collar and chastity belt and are whipped and cuckolded by dominant women.

    Our Grandfather Adam was the responsible of ejection of himself and his wife from paradise because of his secret desire for immortality and eternal hardcore and orgasm with the sexy angels in paradise. So women have the right of historical revenge from men. Men are responsible for all wars in the world because of their weakness against woman’s sex and theirs nude legs. So men deserve slavish, bondage, humiliation and inferiority as well as women deserves domination and superiority. Men are slaves and women are mistresses. I am a submissive male slave and I am proud for my inferior position kneeling under woman feet licking their high heels and begging them for my humiliation.

  2. Justin says

    I’m a guy and I agree that women are superior to men.

    I have always had that instinctive understanding that although men appear stronger, they actually aren’t. One can’t look only to the surface appearance of men, but must look deeper at both genders. Females are absolutely stronger than men. Women should be regarded as superior beings to men. Men cause the overwhelming majority of the world’s problems (war, aggression and crime). Men’s inability to control their sexual desires also makes them very weak creatures.

    Actually, I believe many of us guys know this deep down inside. My generation of men is more willing to be in a female-led relationship.

    The problem is that men see their physical strength as a sign of superiority. But a man is supposed to use his strength to serve the needs of his wife and family, not for dominance over others. Is a strong body guard more important than the leader he protects? Physical strength is not the determination of importance of persons in society.

    The world would be happier, safer and more stable if ruled by women.

  3. Amanda says

    I think it makes better sense than what I was saying. I do believe whtes are superior to blacks but do I think blacks should be eradicated or that they are worthless? NO not at all. I don’t believe in any system that will hold anyone back from anything. Quite the contrary. My point is that this world does not work under black rule as has been proven in history. I still think chains and discipline in young blacks is important as well. So I guess to answer your question. I would have to say I view it the same as you. Yes there is a difference between the two. But I’m only a White supremacist, I do belive White are the superior race. But a I’m not a hater… It’s make a lot of sense…

      • Dr Sue says

        Bless you Pat! I was going to reply but I’ve been kicking some things around. First of all Amanda, I will defend your right to have your opinion to the death…HOWEVER, you fail to notice that I had changed my mind. No one notices that so I see a separate post coming. I do NOT think that any one race or sex is SUPREMELY better than the next. And the only men I put in chains are those who come to me wanting it done. Nothing is done against someone’s will…EVER. But I digress, you say you don’t HATE but what’s with the chains and discipline. Why blacks? Why not whites? I can assure you there are just as many if not more fucked up white males than there are black males. Ok so now you’ve chained up and beaten young black males…now what? It accomplishes nothing. THAT’S been PROVEN in history. Whether a black can rule or not is also stupid, the biggest problem this world has is the fact that someone is always trying to RULE something. Trying to shove their belief system down the throats of others and you can plainly see how well that works.

        There is no one right or wrong way. We are all on our own separate journeys. Stop trying to rule the world and try just ruling YOUR OWN LIFE. What goes on in your neighbours yard is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Celebrate difference instead of trying to ‘fit in’ everywhere else. You can’t fit in because we’re all different. I’ll say that again for those of you with short attention spans, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!! So spending your life trying to get people to see things the way YOU DO is moronic at best. They can’t!! They aren’t you. So quit worrying about what blacks, whites, pinks, browns, yellows, oranges or purples are doing. It’s none of your business.

  4. Julie says

    I admit to not reading all the comments. I found the amount of constructive dialogue Vs drivel a little one sided.

    Possibly this has already been addressed. Your comment “First of all let me point out to you that I am an American living in Canada for the past several decades and at no time has there been a female Prime Minister.” stuck me.

    Perhaps you might google ‘Kim Campbell’ – admittedly not the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada, but she was assuredly Prime Minister, none the less.

    • Dr Sue says

      Really in all of this discussion you find THAT to hold on to?? Ok I missed the whole 5 months she was PM. Sorry we couldn’t enlighten you further Julie. SMH Some people can’t be helped.

      • Julie says

        If you were in Canada and a woman, it was a pretty big deal. I would have thought any Female Supremacist living here at the time would remember it as a significant fact to remember.

        Five months or five years doesn’t really matter – the majority of the voters chose a woman over a man for the first time in history. It represented a change in attitude, an acceptance and a positive step forward for every woman in the county. So yes… really, I will take that to hold on to.

        Granted it’s not as important as some other topics on here, like discussing proper sentence structure, or lack of paragraph use, but hey – a defining moment in the history and development of a whole country which you not only don’t mention – you categorically deny it ever happened. I thought it at least deserved an honourable mention.

        • Dr Sue says

          You’re absolutely right Julie. I’m so sorry that this is all so irritating to you. Have a fantastic day.

          • paulo miguel gonçalves ornelas camacho says

            I am a firmly believer in Female Supremacy Dr Sue and i think that Women should rule the world with dictatorship with full powers and that men should be just their mere pack animals to obey and serve them as they wish, for saving the world and because it is better for the men too if they know their place serving Superior women.

  5. says

    I apologize for not reading all of the comments (so many!) so I hope my points are not already covered to death….

    1) I agree with much of the article, though I am very against the popular chastity theory. I think the Sisterhood needs strong and healthy men. That includes virility. I believe it is important NOT to restrain or imprison them, etc (that’s a bdsm thing, not for me) but work with their innate passion to make better worshipers. Repression only breeds resentment and rebellion.

    2) I think part of the restraint desire is due to a leftover ‘fear of men’ that is quickly becoming outdated. What do I mean? The concept that what men do poses a threat, or they are capable of threat, or can impact us negatively in any way. That is the past. The Goddess of Creation has given us the power to breed better men, and we ourselves can raise future generations that are excellent worshipers. We can easily create enivornments where men are harmless, especially when we, as Sisters, work together. (at his worst, a man may try to resist any one of us….but they have no ability to resist us as a group)

    In summary, I don’t care if a man demonstrates his sexuality, even perversety, because it does not impact me and might be humorous anyway. We KNOW they get crazed. Why not have fun with that, and even use it to make them even more helpless. Just don’t take them that seriously, that’s all I’m saying! They are just playthings, after all! (All of the above is my opinion only, of course)

    • Geoff says

      I agree about the whole male chastity thing – it is an irrelevance to the superior female. She has nothing to fear from a man therefore should not feel the need to restrain him in any way. She is the sexual predator and has no interest in seeing suitable conquests rendered inactive. As the male erection is involuntary – it is hers to control and use as and when she sees fit. Once she is on top, a determined woman in full flow is a force to be reckoned with and one that few men would be capable of resisting….

  6. Dan says

    Women have used porn to make money off of men’s weaknesses but they too are being exploited. What good does it do to a woman to make a man her bitch if she is Satan’s bitch? She is hurting herself as well as men.

  7. Dan says

    The image of the woman holding the earth in her hand is not possible. Remember that a woman is a human being with flaws. It’s not possible! That would be too much to expect. Only God can have the world in his hand like that. I do understand that it’s only an example of female supremacy and how some men would like to see women.

  8. Grand Mistress Erin says

    I read earlier In Two forums superior Fems wanting Inferior males annihilated cause They don’t want To Train em and spend money on em for anything, I replyed To em saying well Then who else Is Gonna do The house work, No replies back on That so far but I would’nt want em annihilated either, Their To much of an asset To us superior Fems well being, And If I ran for president There would be changes To some laws and some other new laws made like mandatory chastity device laws and leash laws for out In public and To Take away Their voting and property owning rights as well as reinforcing some other laws That I won’t say of

    • curious says

      Just Curious, how would you work the chastity laws and at what age? How would it help anything? I’m not sure men would put up with that and I don’t think you superior women are up to the task of putting it in place.

    • James says

      I appreciate that mistress erin, men should be used as toys by women, and no rights should be given to men, if u become president, make a rule that a male can keep only one wife where a women can keep more than one, then only men will come into control and i encourage u to keep on dominate men

  9. ashton says

    Dear Dr. Sue,
    I love the article, this is my first time on your site and I look forward to reading and exploring the site more. My wife and I both have an interest in Female Superiority and I was curious if you can provide a few suggestions?

    A little about ourselves, She works long hours as a nurse and I’m a writer slash stay at home dad. We have two beautiful daughters, ages 17 and 3. (Quite an age difference :)

    Anyway despite being raised in a very male chauvinistic surrounding I have always felt as long as I can remember that women are superior to males. Unfortunately instead of being myself and accepting this belief, I kept it hidden much of my life. This in turn made me seem as chauvinistic as and at times even worse than those from my surroundings. It was my disguise to fit in and it torn apart my soul like a lion, ripping it in pieces. Sometimes these insecurities come back to haunt me. It’s as if I throw up a front and disguise my true feelings.

    My wife is aware of this issue but and respectfully saying she also lacks experience in female supremacy so I am curious is there any suggestions that you can provide us on how to handle this issue?

    Also our kids know that their parents are part of a Female led relationship but don’t know all the details. Well they know mom’s the boss and they should never feel inferior to boys. Come to think of it the youngest thinks she’s the boss and mommy is the second boss lol. Anyway we subtlety encourage both of them to not feel subservient or inferior to males.

    I don’t think we’ll have to ever worry about the youngest one feeling inferior but the oldest who does date seems to be very passive in relationships (actually passive in general) to the point we worry that she is going to find someone she really cares for only to be toyed with and hurt deeply from it.

    I always believed that going through a heart-break in life makes a person stronger but having a daughter who is dating makes me reevaluate that belief. I don’t want to see one of my babies go through that pain. My wife and I agree that our oldest needs to “woman up” Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated?

    Thank you for reading and best wishes to you!

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